Creator: Patrick Ladonis

Director: Shirley Marie Norman

Director of Photography: Jacob Ross

Film Editor: Zain Jiwani

Associate Producer: Charles Bryant

Production Assistant: La Toya Okungbowa

Production Assistant: Heather Brewer

Scales is a series that follows Remy Howard, a guy who’s drawn to complicated people and relationships. Set in Atlanta, Georgia, Scales focuses on the challenges of finding and keeping love even when it's not good for you.

Season 1: After a major breakup Remy returns to the world of dating and with an unexpected run-in with tech guy, Ron Campbell, he immediately jumps into what he considers the perfect relationship. Unfortunately, for Remy Howard nothing is ever perfect as he must deal with his past relationships before moving forward. Meanwhile Remy’s two best friends Gavin and David must grapple with the obstacles in their personal relationships that ultimately goes awry, leaving the trio back at square one, but with each other.

Scales Episode 1

Scales Episode 2

Scales Episode 3

Scales Episode 4

Scales Episode 5

Scales Episode 6