Behind Her Lens Visuals is a South African based streaming site that aims to centralise all forms of new and creative narratives made by storytellers across the diaspora, that constantly reflects the ever changing digital mediums of content creation. We operate as a streaming site for films, doccies,music videos, web series and all forms of audio-visual digital storytelling. Our business model is to provide accessible stories to audiences on the continent and beyond, in order to bridge the gap between industry professionals, young storytellers, first time storytellers and audiences. We also intend on introducing audiences to new and creative stories that reflect the past, present and future of storytelling.

Bi weekly , we select a body of work from a medium of storytelling and feature it on our ongoing segment called “Stream of the week” on the website to showcase the creativity and innovation of storytelling as it happens. We also feature reviews and articles on storytelling on our “Pop Corner” page to engage, inform and educate readers and audiences about some form or aspect of storytelling.

If stories that convey culture, history and values are what you’re interested in, then you’re currently at the right place.

The Founder

Mbali Mashaba

Mbali Mashaba, also known by her online presence as Behind Her Lens is a South African filmmaker, content creator, Youtuber and all rounded storyteller. Her work concerns itself with the representation of people and narratives that may have fallen out of the mainstream. She is currently in her fourth and final year of study for a honours degree in Film and Television studies at The University of the Witwatersrand (BAFTV) and completed a film residency in Gothenburg University, Sweden. Her biggest aspiration is to redefine storytelling through creative, accessible and informative storytelling by creating a powerhouse that connects creatives and storytellers to the avenues they aspire to be in. Behind Her Lens Visuals, as a streaming platform and one leg of a larger production company intends to do just that.