Pop Corner

Sew The Winter To My Skin

By KhanyaK Jan 2021.

Director Jahmil X.T Qubeka, much like A Quiet Place directs the story of John Kepe with little to no dialogue...

White Chicks and Privilege

By Karabo Mashaba Nov 2020.

From its release in 2004, White Chicks can be approved as one of the most significant films in pop culture. Apart from its rigorous...

The language dilemma:

By Gugulethu Khumalo Nov 2020.

Filmmaking has never been so accessible or democratised, from new film festivals prioritising marginalised groups stories and voices...

How to submit your films to local and international film festivals

By Mbali Mashaba Nov 2020.

Some say that making a film is the hardest part of the creative process, but I beg to differ. Getting your film into the world...

The Boondocks and the Importance of Satire

By Karabo Mashaba Oct 2020.

The 2005-hit series The Boondocks is arguably one of the most straightforward and blunt shows to air on television screens globally.

Water from Wind, I say, It only lacked a Metaphor.

By Mbali Gama Oct 2020.

I did not have to watch the trailer to know that “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.” would be a remarkable film.

VAYA (2016)

By Khanya K Sept 2020.

Following three strangers who leave their rural homes and board a train to Johannesburg, the movie slowly and credibly intertwines their fates”

NOMMER 37 (2018)

By Khanya K Sept 2020.

“A recent paraplegic is given binoculars by his girlfriend. When he witnesses a mob killing, he tries to blackmail the killer” – Rotten Tomatoes

How the ‘quirky Black girl’ is...

By Karabo Mashaba Sept 2020.

Throughout the course of history, the image and perception of Black women has always been restricted to the racial tropes which include but are not limited to the Sapphire (aka ‘angry Black woman’)

Queen Sono vs Trackers

By Itumeleng Molefi Sept 2020.

Many of the film and TV genres that are produced in South Africa are imports from other parts of the world

An Ode to Black and White Pictures

By Mbali Gama Sept 2020.

Talk about a film that ages like fine wine, brewed with memorable characters, political satire, a touch of romance and of course the famous line

Will Netflix Open a New Chapter in African Filmmaking?

By Karabo Mashaba July 2020.

In the age of digital streaming, Netflix has accumulated a global reach for subscribers. From Mexican political thrillers to Japanese Sci-Fi, this renaissance in film production has exposed the international audience to creative and unconventional forms of digital storytelling.

The Train Going Everywhere To Nowhere

By Mbali Gama JULY 2020

Intense, Captivating, Violent and Thought-provoking. Director Joon-ho’s “Snowpiercer” envisions an apocalypse world on a train. The film begins within what seems to be a distant future as mankind plunges into a replacement frozen period in its failure to prevent the spread of Global Warming.

Reimagining, Re-inscribing and Reclaiming Stereotypes in Beyonce’s Lemonade

BY Itumeleng Molefi July 2020

Stereotypes come about as a result of one group of people's stories being told by another group that is not invested in understanding the complexities and nuances that exist in the former group. ck people, Jews, transgender people and others continue to be harmed as a result...